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The Born Broken collection is an exclusive jewellery collection, made by hand.

Each piece is totally unique with subtle differences in texture, deformity and finish.
Our goal is to bring a different vision to the parisian scene, creating  exclusive pieces, with a unique identity.


During one year in Buenos-Aires, we have been seeking new inspirations, meeting emerging designers and craftmans.

Living in a new time-space, we explored a chaotique and poetic way of life.

Each piece is inspired by the immensity and fragility of the city.
The Born broken collection brings the question of a new balance between a purist design and a brutal aesthetic.

Worn by french rapper, models, creators, photographers, mans, womens, the collection brings unique people we love to our creative community.


Between art object and jewellery, the collection has been presented in the Contemporary Art Museum of Buenos Aires, during the fashion week.
Exposed at the Who’s next
soon as it get back in Paris, the pieces will travel more and more from hand to hand.


Born in Buenos Aires in Oss’s Atelier, the pieces are build using a unique technique. Without previous designs, the wax is melted, accumulated, sculpted and melted again to give birth to the jewel in silver.

Without any model, Oss crafts unique pieces making each one from scratch.